We are passionate about working with teachers and school leaders to enhance the culture of learning mathematics within your school.

Our professional learning programs are based on leading research surrounding Maths education and are guaranteed to engage your teachers through helping them to reflect upon and improve their professional practice.

We achieve this by building strong professional relationships with your team, based on trust, collaboration and mutual respect.

We believe that much like an effective classroom, teacher professional learning should be differentiated to cater for the wide range of backgrounds and skills your teachers possess.

For this reason, every program we run is tailored to meet the needs of your school and the teachers and students you work with.


Whole staff/faculty professional learning workshops

We run professional learning workshops in Numeracy and Mathematics for entire staff and specific teams. Whether it be rich and engaging tasks, embedding numeracy accross the curriculum, or something else, we can help you!

Team Coaching and learning

We work closely with teams of teachers to plan targeted lessons and units of work. In doing so we build a trusting team environment in which teachers feel safe to explore new ideas and give and receive meaningful feedback. 

Video observations and reflections

One of the best ways for teachers to learn and grow is to see themselves in action. To assist with this we use Swivl technology to record lessons, celebrate successes, and provide meaningful and constructive feedback to teachers.

Maths teaching modelling

We understand that sometimes ‘seeing is believing’. For this reason, we can model effective mathematics lessons for your staff to see in action. In doing so, we will reflect on these lessons and discuss the underlying principles which inform our practice. 

Curriculum planning and development

Half of the challenge is knowing what to teach and when to teach it. We work closely with teams of teachers to structure and sequence meaningful lessons and units of work to meet their students’ needs. Scroll down to make an inquirey and learn more. 

One-on-one leadership coaching for Maths domain leaders

We work closely with school leaders to meet their Mathematics and Numeracy goals. This includes building their capacity to develop a vision, track their progress, inspire staff, provide meaningful feedback, and establish a team culture based on trust.


“Thomas Moore has provided high-quality professional learning services on behalf of the Mathematical Association of Victoria. This includes at various conferences and events, including face-to-face and virtual sessions. Thomas has also successfully helped to develop and deliver professional learning for MAV on behalf of the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Peter Saffin

“It’s not often that professional development is transformational for an entire staff, but with Tom Moore from EngageME Mathematics that’s exactly what we got! Tom’s enthusiasm and passion for maths was infectious, he took the time to get to know our unique context and was genuinely interested in our staff and our journey.

Annie O’Rourke